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    EXPO 2020

    What's New

    Be it first time visitors or seasoned travellers, our calendar is packed with activities so that there is always something new to discover.


    12 Oct 2021

    Berjaya Air’s team in front of Jojo Flight KUALA LUMPUR, 12 OCTOBER 2021 – Berjaya Air is now 100% fully...


    12 Oct 2021

    DUBAI, 12 October 2021 – Tourism Malaysia is participating for the third time at the third edition of the Gulf...

    LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort Reopens With New Attraction, PLANET LEGOLAND

    12 Oct 2021

    ISKANDAR PUTERI, 12 October 2021 – LEGOLAND? Malaysia Resort announced today that it is slated for reopening by 14th October....


    6 Oct 2021

    KUALA LUMPUR, 6 OCTOBER 2021 – Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, has launched its new multi-feature Mobile App...


    4 Oct 2021

    4 October, 2021; Kuala Lumpur – Twenty-four (24) lifestyle and tourism experts from Malaysia lifestyle, travel and tourism industry including...


    30 Sep 2021

    PUTRAJAYA, 30 September 2021 - Tourism Malaysia, through its overseas office in Medan, Indonesia, was named the winner of the...

    Designation of the Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO: a...

    17 Sep 2021

    Penang Hill, Penang, Malaysia (16 September 2021) – The official designation of the Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve by the International...


    10 Sep 2021

    PUTRAJAYA, 10 September 2021 – Tourism Malaysia has been awarded for “International Film Location & Golf Tourism Destination” at the...


    4 Sep 2021

    SHAH ALAM (Sept 4, 2021) – Tradewinds Corporation Berhad, one of the largest hotel management companies in Malaysia, has launched...


    2 Sep 2021

    PUTRAJAYA, 2 September 2021 – The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia through its agency Tourism Malaysia is participating...


    25 Aug 2021

    JOHOR BAHRU, 19 August 2021 – Ushering in the Mid-Autumn Festival, Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru (PMJB), one of the shopping...


    17 Aug 2021

    Pavilion KL’s Tokyo Street precinct has captivated many shoppers and Japan-enthusiasts over the years and is home to some of...

    Featured Niche Products

    Grow your business and attract more tourists with our niche products and events aimed at growing tourism numbers.

    Market Your Product With Us

    Whether you are a resort owner or starting your own walking tour, come and share with us your product and let us help spread the word.

    We're here to help you thrive.

    Start discovering Malaysia, Truly Asia

    Plan your next holiday whether for business or leisure, from night life to jungle adventures,
    welcome and experience the best Asia has to offer. Your adventure starts right here.

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